CIBC robbery investigation gets new lead

The Brantford Police Service has confirmed that articles of clothing and a note used in a 2012 CIBC bank robbery have been found in Brantford.

According to a release from Brantford Police Service, a citizen was walking across a grassy area between Sandlewood Avenue and Myrtleville Drive when they stumbled across what appeared to be a suspicious bag hidden beneath branches.

The citizen searched the bag and was shocked to find what they believed to be human hair inside the bag. Upon further inspection, the citizen realized it was a wig and that the heavy bag contained clothing.

Concerned by what they had found, the citizen called the Brantford Police Service to report their discovery.

A Community Patrol Officer arrived shortly after and retrieved the bag and it’s contents.

After searching the bag, the officer found the following items:

  • A black dinner jacket
  • Two black dress shoes
  • Two black socks
  • A white pinstriped button-up long sleeve shirt
  • A pair of dress pants with a belt
  • A bank robbery note
  • A brown straight medium length haired wig

The on-scene officer, having knowledge of the 2012 robbery, seized the items as evidence for the ongoing investigation.

The Brantford Police Forensic Identification Unit is now fully examining the contents of the bag for further information, confirming that there already is a connection.

“We believe that the person responsible for placing the bag at this location and attempting to conceal the bag with branches either resides or has affiliations with someone who lives in the area,” said Detective Jeffrey Spencer, Brantford Police Service High Risk Repeat Offender Unit, in a press release on Thursday. “The bag located by the observant citizen had been placed in the area sometime within the last six months. This is not a location well-travelled by the general public and certainly not by someone unfamiliar with the area.“

The Robbery

The CIBC on King George Road was robbed on the morning of August 10, 2012.

At approximately 9:45 a.m., a white male with shoulder-length dark hair entered the bank carrying an attaché case and sporting a suit jacket and round sunglasses.

After entering the bank, the suspect walked straight to the teller and passed a note indicating that he had a gun and wanted cash.

The teller handed him money and the suspect exited the CIBC bank.

Following the incident, Brantford City Police were called in to investigate. The Ontario Provincial Police canine unit was later called to assist Police.

After a quick investigation, the Brantford Police Service obtained an image of the suspect, which was captured by video surveillance, and sent it out to all local crime prevention agencies along with known information.

Within the day, the Hamilton Police Service B.E.A.R. Unit contacted the Brantford Police with photos of a bank robbery suspect from their district who they believe could possibly be the same suspect as the Brantford CIBC robber, confirmed on Thursday by Detective Spencer.

“The suspect is wanted in connection with at least one bank robbery in Brantford and two in the Hamilton area.”

According to Brantford Police, the suspect is described as:

  • Male
  • Caucasian
  • Aprox. 6’3” in height
  • 150-170lbs.
  • Pale complexion

Detective Jeffrey Spencer encourages anyone who thinks they may have information on the case to contact Brantford Police.

“If anyone has any information concerning the identity of the suspect please call us, regardless how insignificant you may feel it is.”

Anyone who may have information can contact Detective Spencer of the Brantford Police Service at 519-756-7050 ext.3319. Alternatively, tipsters who wish to remain anonymous are asked to contact Brant-Brantford Crime Stoppers at 519-750-8477.

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