Four people have been charged with drug-related offences after a large grow-op bust in a residence on Hawthorne Lane.

Jason Ball, 25, Charles Zammitti, 27, Adam Stelmaszynki, 26, and Rudis Portillo have all been charged with possession and trafficking of a controlled substance.

The charged were found to be in possession of approximately $200,000 in drugs and money after the Brantford Police Street Crime Unit had executed a search warrant on the residence.

All four were held for a bail hearing in Brantford.

Anyone possessing information about drug-related activity in the City of Brantford should notify the Brantford Police Service Street Crime Unit.

Call the Brantford Crime Stoppers at 519-750-8477.

Photo courtesy of Brantford Expositor.

Photo courtesy of Brantford Expositor.

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