Brantford campus to have two new inter-faculty deans

While in a perpetual state of growth, Laurier Brantford took another step in maintaining a smooth integration of newer programs on its campus. On August 22, Laurier officially announced the appointment of Kathryn Carter and Lauren Eisler as Associate Deans.

“The two of them are excellent choices, no doubt about that,” said Dr. Kofi Campbell, Associate Dean of the Liberal Arts faculty. “Kathryn and Lauren are both extremely dedicated, very smart, and they both really love this place.”

According to Dr. Campbell, the division of the Brantford faculty into a Liberal Arts faculty and Human and Social Sciences faculty, made effective as of this past July, created a need for a facilitating party between the two faculties. Associate Dean of Human and Social

Sciences, Dr. Andrew Welsh, added that the interdisciplinary nature of the campus required Dr. Carter and Dr. Eisler, who will function as inter-disciplinary facilitators, to maintain a cohesive union between the two faculties.

“I think they’re necessary to ensure the two new faculties continue to work together the way they always have,” Campbell said. Welsh also stated, “The rationale for Carter’s role is to maintain that unique Laurier Brantford academic experience that we’ve always had before the division of faculties.”

As the new inter-disciplinary Associate Dean, Carter will serve as the Academic Coordinator. Eisler will work closely with her, as the Program Development Liaison.

Carter has been at Laurier since 2000, and this year will work to create communication between the faculties, and a smooth integration of services regarding curriculum and schedule coordination. She will also be overseeing academic advising department of the campus. Eisler, a

Laurier staff member since 2005, will oversee program development between the two faculties, facilitating and supporting coordination of programs, as well as review of how already-existing programs could improve.

Eisler and Carter, with their new duties, are expected to play key roles at the university during this transition period. Welsh believes that the new appointments are a sign foreshadowing the inevitable growth of Laurier Brantford.

“The existence of that position suggests that a lot of the growth and enrollment at Laurier will be focused on the Brantford campus,” Welsh said.

The new appointments serve as another step working toward the dream of building a campus size comparable to Waterloo’s. For now, Carter and Eisler will fulfill their duties holding together an expanding faculty.

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