Be careful who you idolize

The news of social media sensation, Kim Kardashian’s robbery, has been a steady source of controversy in the recent news. It is always unfortunate to hear about someone getting victimized, and the news of Kim having lost $11 million worth of jewelry during a Paris heist quickly came to be the number one reported news story on social media. The story has sparked outrage among the general public as the seemingly topical news made major networks like CNN.

In all the excitement of being informed on popular culture, we forget to recognize that these stories similar to Kardashian’s are a common occurrence in everyday life. Not only that, but in only acknowledging the misfortunes of the rich while remaining aloof to the reality of injustices occurred to the disenfranchised, we promote a culture which incubates disparities between the privileged and the non-privileged.

Let us also not forget that Kardashian has an outrageously large amount of followers on social media. I can’t assume who they are, but it wouldn’t be necessarily wrong of me to think majority of them are young girls. A lot of younger females idolize Kardashian for her physical appearance and wealth. Young girls all over the world follow her and want to grow up to be just like her; they want to ride around in luxury cars with expensive jewellery.

But we have just seen what can happen to a celebrity who reveals their wealth too much. I am not saying it is because she is a female, I am saying that carelessly flaunting your wealth can make you a vulnerable target. It is sad that this happened to Kardashian, as she is allowed to enjoy her hard earned riches. However, she should consider the people that are idolizing her, and not set the wrong example for them.

Furthermore, consider the initial reaction of society when Colin Kaepernick and Gabby Douglas had made news on the world stage. ESPN reported at the time that the crowd had decided to boo as their first reaction to the athlete’s advocacy. In addition, recalls how Douglas was publicly criticized for forgetting to touch her shoulder during the national anthem at the Rio Olympics. We must also be careful who we pick as our idols.

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