A Night Under the Stars


FLASS/HASSA welcome you to a night under the stars on March 25 for a mask-querade ball. 


On a dreamy Friday, Laurier students from the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Human and Social Sciences were able to attend a gala celebrating the end of the year and key student accomplishments. 


The Gala was held at the Best Western on 19 Holiday Dr. in Brantford. While doors opened at 5:30 p.m., the event began at 6 p.m. and ran until 11 p.m. Tickets were sold for $5 for Laurier students in FLASS/HASSA, and $10 for those in other faculties. Tickets were also later opened to Laurier alumni and non-Laurier students. 


A total of 143 students were in attendance and were all in high spirits. An excited buzz rang through the room as students were able to see friends and classmates they haven’t been able to see since the beginning of the pandemic, or have only met through online classes. 


“The gala was good for students for a variety of reasons, but generally to have a great time with friends and peers. For some, they did not get a chance to celebrate their prom. For fourth years, to have one last chance to celebrate their undergraduate experience. For others, it was a chance to celebrate the end of the year,” said Sara Sheikh, President of FLASS. 


The near dark room was festively lit with colourful lights, and glass centerpieces filled with warm fairy lights on the dining tables added to the cozy atmosphere. The tables were lined with white tablecloth draped over the edges and the room was filled with soft decorations. Images of stars adorned the walls to fit the theme of the night. 


This was the first unmasked event for Laurier Brantford students since the mask mandate lifted on March 21. Wearing a mask at this event was made a personal choice for each attendant. 


Students were excited to attend a school event that made them feel like a community once again. 


“I liked that it was a step towards normal,” said Matthew Marzetti, fourth year Law and Society major. “It was nice seeing everyone support their faculty peers.” 


“It was wonderful to have an in-person gathering after only having virtual contact with each other for a while,” said Monica Van Ittersum, a fourth year English major. 


The night started with dinner. Bread rolls with butter were served to start, followed by the entree. Students were given the option to choose between salmon, chicken or a quinoa stuffed bell pepper, all with sides and a dessert of a crepe with ice cream or a fruit dish to finish the meal. Coffee and tea were also made available after. 


There was also a bar on site for students of age who wanted to purchase alcohol and socialize in the designated drinking area. 


The FLASS/HASSA gala was a semi-formal to formal event, meaning everyone dressed up to the nines. Hair and makeup were done, long and short dresses along with suits and ties were seen in every corner of the room. The Laurier Golden Hawks showed off their style.

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