A little look at some of the small buisnesses in Brantford

Recently Brantford has seen an increase of small businesses in the downtown core.     


FadeMaster Barbershop  at 120 Dalhousie St., has  $15 dollar cuts advertised all day, everyday. Some students  have already been inside and met the barbers that make the magic happen. 


These affordable yet fresh cuts are given by the most friendly and authentic barbers you will ever meet and the best conversations are made here while you sit back and become the next masterpiece. 


Jamrock Jerk Chicken at 118 Dalhousie St., is owned and operated by the same man that established FadeMaster Barbershop literally next door. This restaurant will bring all sorts of good spice in your mouth as authentic Jamaican cuisine is served. 


From Callaloo, Jerk Chicken Roti, Oxtail, and Barbecued Chicken plus more this restaurant is bound to bring the islands to you even if you can’t afford to go to Jamaica just yet because of student loans and rent.


Sammy’s Creamery at 75 Erie Ave., is underrated and deserves far more attention from The Golden Hawk community. It is owned by the same owners of Sammy’s Rec Room on Mt. Pleasant St. and is an amazing place to go to drink with your friends and play pool. 


There is a separate room with large TV’s to watch your favourite sport event and play pool, darts, and arcade games. It has the friendliest staff and has good quality snacks like their Jalapeno Poppers and Chicken Wings. Plus, the bar isn’t too far from campus and is close to many student houses. 


Alt Boutique on Dalhousie St., is a  year old small business. This fashion boutique is owned by the artistic Justin Lowe and has a variety of clothing items that will make you stand out as the pinnacle of fashion on campus.  


“I really love the atmosphere, the quality of the clothing, and this even beats some stores I see back in Toronto” a shopper says about the store. 


The Healthy Rabbit at 105 Brant Ave., provides the most wholesome and healthy meals and smoothies. This place is great for the health conscious and the fit junkies in our campus, served by friendly staff and affordable prices. 

“I love going here, it’s different than the other spots in the city … and they’re the only vegan/vegetarian spot, close to campus, and they aren’t extremely expensive,” said frequent goer Rosemary Crawford 

“They offer healthy, delicious options while still having fast service, plus the staff are passionate about what they do, and that’s seen in the food they make,” she said.

There will be a Healthy Rabbit kiosk opening at the Laurier Brantford YMCA in January 2020.

There are way more businesses that should have a spot here but they will be touched upon in the following articles to come. 

Stay tuned and go and enjoy the local charm of this city, and explore the diamonds in the rough that you’ll never know existed right near you.


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