You can’t serve reality on a silver platter

Growing up, there are two kinds of individuals we may become. An individual who has everything handed to them and an individual who has to earn everything for themselves. Let’s name individual one Preston and the other Lucy.

Preston comes from a wealthy family – both his parents work, which leaves him with no pressure to get a part time job because he has money and transportation provided along with other costs. Lucy, on the other hand, is a hardworking student and part time worker. It may not be that her parents aren’t wealthy, they just raised her in a way that made her feel that she needed to be independent and provide for herself.

We live in a world where nothing is promised to us, we have to work for everything that we have. When people are in situations like Preston’s I feel as though they fail to see the reality of it. What happens when one of Preston’s parents loses their job and they start going short of money? Who is going to provide for Preston then?

This is where the whole idea of common sense comes into play as well. We are such a ‘sugarcoated growing up with everything handed to us on a silver platter’ generation. Our parents grew up with struggles to get to where they are and we’re living in a good time, but this time will also come to an end and when it does not all of us will be prepared to handle what’s in stock.

I’d say the first step in welcoming adulthood is going out there and getting a job. Once you have a job you feel this amazing independence that can never be taken away with you. It comes with great determination that will have you striving for more and never less than what you deserve.

The truth is, we must face reality sooner than later because our parents won’t take care of us forever.

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