Women’s Extramural Hockey Team Ready to Finally Hit the Ice

– Craig Hagerman, staff

The Laurier Brantford women’s hockey team is finally ready to hit the ice this Friday and hopes are high for a winning season.

The ladies will make their season debut at Humber College and for many of them it has been a long time coming.

The team’s season last year came to an abrupt halt, with the team unfortunately failing to get into any tournaments. This was unfortunate for some of the girls as a team was made, but in the end a lack of commitment in players left the team no choice but to pack it in.

However, this doesn’t seem to be the case at all this year, according to captain Heather Law, as the team actually had to cut many players due to the overwhelming amount of girls hoping to play this year.

“At the tryouts this year, we had around 30 girls that showed interest,” Law said. “Unfortunately we only took 17 girls. It was tough to make the decision of who to cut because we were only able to view the girls’ abilities for one hour.”

And although the team will be taking part in their first tournament in over a year, the team has high hopes for this year and feel they can really be a contender.

One reason for these high hopes, is the skill that forward Zoe Sorbara has shown.

“Zoe has a lot of finesse as a forward. We have confidence in her to be one of our top points leaders,” says Law.

Zoe showed a lot of skill during the tryouts and the team hopes she can bring that skill with her to the three tournaments that the team will play in this season.

This Friday, the girls are at Humber, while also heading to Conestoga College in February.

In January, the girls will try to take advantage of home ice and compete for a tournament win as Laurier Brantford hosts its first tournament.

Captain Heather Law has a message to all Laurier Brantford students.

“The team would love to see Laurier Brantford’s support at our hosting tournament on January 20th at Brant Sports Complex,” Law said. “So come on out and show your support for your fellow Golden Hawks!”

Come Friday the girls will hope to show that, unlike last year, they are ready and determined to show that Laurier Brantford will be a force to be reckoned with.

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