What makes Tristan Wright happy?

What makes me joyful? What makes me happy? The fact that Trudeau didn’t keep his gender equal cabinet promise. Whiskey while writing as well as reading poetry. Old poetry, I refuse to read anything that is not at least sixty years old. I should really get into Blueprint. I love Netflix nights with my girlfriend and premarital hand-holding. I and every other red-blooded Saxon adore big and slobbery puppy kisses while talking like an aunt to the newest family baby. I love reading G.K Chesterton, C.K Lewis, Tolkien, Lovecraft, Saint Augustine and Marcus Aureliu, along with seeing Shakespeare plays (they’re pretty cheap for students, nudge nudge) and quoting Coriolanus. Slaying sacred Progressive cows and awaiting the inevitable destruction of Western Civilization is a personally favorite hobby. Speaking of which, explaining why the Patriarchy is necessary is always a joyous occasion. Having a lovely sparing match at Black Eye Boxing and then gorging myself on Garlic bread and ice packs afterwards.

I love Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera. I love Theology, and trying to determine what lies beyond the physical. The most likely candidates for the ‘truth’ according to me, is Catholicism, Eastern Christian Orthodoxy, Judaism, Buddhism and Sikhism. You have 1/5 chance of salvation, pick wisely. I love planning for the future, saving money for a down payment on a house. Having money in the bank is like a high-score in a video game. But that might be because I grew up poor. You rich kids might feel differently. I adore having a portrait of the Queen in my house. Even just planning businesses with my friends, from sheep farms, t-shirts to board games is also entertaining. The last two are a little more realistic. I love philosophy and politics as long as they are pre-modern. Modernity sucks. I love playing Warhammer 40k with my friends and painting the models. If you get that reference, you get significant nerd street cred. Congratulations.


The pursuit of Truth in all its guises, to be as poetic as possible, has always made me happy. There is nothing better than a “Eureka!” moment. Freedom of speech and me like hanging out, having a beer while being as offensive as possible. I like playing video games with my friends and girlfriend. But what makes me truly happy is a Harvey’s Hamburger and that Donald Trump might actually be President. Merry Christmas!

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