What Laurier Brantford is watching

Between making friends, writing essays, assignments, lectures, and generally making sure that you live in passable conditions, one might find it hard to believe that a university student has any time to watch anything at all. Admittedly, they would be right. However, we always find a way to make time for our relaxation. I went out and asked Laurier students what they were watching:

Fresh Prince

After getting into issues at home, Will is sent by his mother to live with his upper class Aunt and Uncle in Bel-Air.

This is one of those dated, but never irrelevant shows. People will always love this show, and there are many reasons to. Will Smith for one plays the role excellently, providing a huge acting range, drop-dead serious one minute and giddy and happy the next. Not only does the show have an excellent cast but often times it has an excellent message, whether it is addressing racism, lying, or sexuality it always pinpoints the message just right for the audience. The truth is in the viewers I suppose: “I just, love Will Smith”.

Orange is the New Black

After turning herself in for a crime she did 10 years ago, Piper Chapman will have to fight to stay sane in the 15 months she is imprisoned. Rest assured, easier said than done.

Netflix, the heavy hitter, is just bashing out amazing series after amazing series. First House of Cards, now this? People love this show because it’s “just that right kind of messed up”, and from personal experience, I can validate that this show is seven different kinds of messed up – in a good way. Taylor Schilling (Piper Chapman) gives a chilling performance throughout the series, showing us the wide range of emotions that can come out in the darkest of times.

The Fault in Our Stars

Having met at a cancer support meeting, their romance is an unconventional one, however Gus and Hazel are in it for the long run.

This movie has become a new version of The Notebook. There, I said it. This movie has been a tearjerker for all audiences (yes, guys too), and it is very clear that a lot of effort that was put into this movie, from the cinematography to the casting choices. Shailene Woodley gave an excellent performance as Hazel, her raw emotions on screen causing once dry eyes to be – well, not so dry anymore.

Being Erica

Her life in shambles, Erica turns to a therapist, Dr. Tom. Unknown to her, Dr. Tom can travel through time. Together the two of them go through pivotal points in her life and put Erica back together, piece by piece.

Admittedly, this one flew under my radar when it first came out, but I have been pleasantly surprised. Sporting a soap opera feel, Being Erica is not only an interesting concept, but an interesting concept played out perfectly. It captures the audience’s attention from the get-go and “makes you think” from that point on. Erin Karpluk produced an excellent character as Erica, making her just as fleshed out and three dimensional as she deserves to be. Older TV show? Sure. Timeless? Definitely.

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