Trying to find more effective New year resolutions

Another new year is upon us and many people associate it with resolutions, commitments, goals, projects, and yearly pursuits.


The time for creating and executing yearly 2020 resolutions are here. Many students start with a long list of goals at the beginning of the year—but often quit because personal stumbling blocks. 

A few  potential barriers that hinder one from hitting their achievements can include; circumstances, insecurities, anxiety, fear, complacent, disinterested, lack of resources and financial stability. 


However a few Laurier Brantford students and faculty are not letting these barriers hinder them. Our Sputnik reporter set out to find three people from the Laurier community and asked them about their New Year’s resolutions.


Associate Professor, Ian MacRae, says that this year his goal is to remove the sugar from his diet. 


“It is important to keep focused,  determined, and persistent when executing goals,” he said. 


Student in the English program, Monica Van Ittersum, “encourages students to make goals, despite the obstacles they face; instead of viewing hurdles as something impeding success as a student, it is important to view them as an opportunity for learning development.”


In addition, she suggests, “that students must take time for the overall well-being. For example, I joined a choir. I love that it allows me to feel relaxed and exercises my brain differently from the usual studying and reading.”


“I think advice should be specific to each situation,” said Shana Brown, a graduate of the human resources program, “but a generic response would be to set smart goals and follow through.”

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