Try something different: top ethnic restaurants in Brantford

We all know how it works. We start the school year with smart budgets for groceries and food. We might even have a healthy meal plan. But it is only a couple weeks before we are abandoning that for some KD and pre-packed salads, or late night runs to Admirals. We are not suggesting that you don’t eat healthy, or that going out is bad. But if you do, here are some different places to check out, that you may not have heard of or got a chance to go to yet. Brantford’s ethnic food scene is as diverse as its people. Oh, and it’s delicious.

  1. Sushi 8 – 265 King George Road

This student favourite has everything you’d want and more. It’s excellent lunch deal gets you all you can eat for just $12.99. It is the prefect way to start off that Friday after a late, rough Thursday night. Not only is their sushi superb, (it even has a dish named after Brantford!) the Chinese buffet is good enough to be its own restaurant. Having them together under one roof is true bliss.

  1. Gus and Guidos – 245 King George Road

Perhaps not your typical ethnic restaurant, as it is fancy, a bit pricier, and overall more high-end, Gus and Guidos is never-the-less a very authentic Greek and Italian dining destination. One of Brantford’s best restaurants, the atmosphere is amazing, as is the food. Do not go on a full stomach.

  1. Quan 99 – 250 King George Road

One of the more unknown places on this list, Quan 99 is a must for any fan of Vietnamese and Thai food. It follows a recent trend of similar style restaurants popping up all over Canada in the last 5 years, and is just as good. The vermicelli, pho, and pad thai options, amongst others, are just as you would expect, and the prices are generally within the $10-$12 range, and it a very student-friendly option.

  1. Taal Fine Indian Cuisine – 578 Colborne Street East

Finally a place a little closer to campus, Taal is an up and coming prime student destination. If you want to go outside your normal food genres, Taal is a perfect introduction to Indian Cuisine. It is a very affordable buffet style restaurant. Lunch is only $10.99, while dinner ranges from $12.99 to $14.99, depending on the day.

  1. Pita Plus – 28 Market Street

By no-means an unknown, Pita Plus is a gem, and it is right on campus. It is more of a quick lunch or snack destination, but there delicious $5 wraps and shawarma do the trick. Pita Plus is a great, quick, middle-eastern experience, and it’s extremely friendly staff only add to the matter. This is definitely not a place that you want to over-look.

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