Top finish would help end a great season for extramural dodgeball team

The Laurier Brantford extramural dodgeball team plans on going out with a bang in their final tournament of the season. Co-captain, Adam Zack and the Golden Hawks expect a win and will settle for nothing less.

The co-ed dodgeball team prepares for their last tournament of the year Jan. 22. Photo by Cody Hoffman
The co-ed dodgeball team prepares for their last tournament of the year Jan. 22. Photo by Cody Hoffman

Zack sort of fell into the team. And since that moment, he hasn’t given his spot up. “I used to play intramural dodgeball on campus. One day I was playing against a team that had people on the extramural squad. They happened to be missing a player for an upcoming tournament and after seeing how well I played, the invited me out. The rest is history I guess,” Zack said.

He developed his dodgeball skills in a couple of thanks to playing in high school, but the real developments came from playing baseball, which he played for the better part of a decade. “It gave me the skills to throw the ball really hard and I’m also athletic which helps when I have to dodge.”

Zack is extremely confident in himself and his teammates. “It doesn’t really matter [where the tournament is] because I know I’m going to show up to the student center in the morning, drive down to the tournament and win. That’s all I know,” Zack said.

“We want to win.” Zack explained. “The first tournament we had this year, we finished in first place and we’re very happy about that. The next tournament we placed second and lost to the team that we had beaten in the previous tournament. So we’re hoping this time around to meet [Humber Lakeshore] in the finals for a little redemption.”

The season hasn’t been without a few obstacles, including losing a key player early on in the season. “We have 11 members on the team this year. We lost a good player earlier this season, but we discovered that we are just as strong without them. Thankfully, we were all able overcome the loss and make the best of the situation,” Zack said.

Laurier’s co-captain is extremely excited about this tournament. It’s the team’s last one of the year and he feels like the squad has an excellent shot at taking home the top prize. He said, “Honestly, winning this tournament would be the perfect cheery on top of an outstanding season for all of us.”

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