The Protectors

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My name is CJ, and I want to share with you how I became one of The Protectors.

In the year 3020 a pandemic broke out much like it did 1000 years before. In March, I started to feel sick and before I knew it, I was in the hospital with an unknown illness. Months went by before I began to feel better while many others were still getting sick. Studies were conducted on those of us who were getting better to find an antidote to prevent further spread.

Over time scientists noticed a change in some of our DNA, something they had never seen before. I and four others were separated from everyone else so we could be studied closer. After a host of different tests, scientists concluded the strange phenomenon in our DNA was other worldly.

Since my four new friends and I had little knowledge of why we had been separated, we assumed that we caught another mystery illness with life threatening symptoms.

By October there were still no answers. Then suddenly, a breakthrough.

My new friend Jack began hearing voices in his head. He covered his ears and yelled for everyone to be quiet, but no one was talking. I tried to rush to him but the scientists, dressed in hazmat suits, got to him first and gave him something to calm down.

That night I couldn’t sleep … what happened with Jack was so out of character for him. I snuck over to his bedside trying to not wake anyone. I had a feeling he wouldn’t respond but I still asked him all the questions I had. I reached for his hand and saw a burst of white light. Within its glare, I saw the five of us standing over a city.

In that moment, I knew what the scientist were trying to discover. Many things have changed from 1000 years ago, but one thing hasn’t, and that’s people’s fear of the supernatural. I snuck back to my bed but didn’t get much sleep. How could I with what happened? This must have been why Jack began to act so strange.

The next morning, I waited for Jack and the others, Clara, Lee, and Jude. When they woke up, I told them what I saw.

12 years later……………

Much has changed. The five of us have become a group known as The Protectors. I’ve honed my power of seeing the future and now work as a Scientist. I want to learn more about our gifts and how we can use them for good. I also work with young heroes, preparing them to take over as The Protectors when we decide it’s time to step back.

Jack has become a doctor, his ability to hear what people are thinking and feel their emotions make him the best in the field. Clara went on to be a firefighter. With her ability to manipulate both water and fire, she’s invaluable and a bit cocky about it too. Lee works with the city in transportation, with his super speed he can take those using public transit to their destinations in record speed.

Finally, Jude, they’re the CEO of the company I work for, ensuring no harm is done to the future generations of The Protectors. Jude keeps us together; their leadership skills are desperately needed when times get hard. And for the cherry on top, they can expertly manipulate gravity.

At the cry of help, The Protectors will band together and do everything we can to protect the world we love. One day I hope to add to this story as the next generation pick up where we left off. For now, though, this is the end.

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