The lockout continues


The lockout at OLG Casino in downtown Brantford continues to keep people out of jobs. Employees say that they have not had word from OLG lawyers on when they can to go back to work again.

A meeting that was held on September 21 included most of the employees and staff of the Casino. The purpose of the meeting was, “to update the membership on the picket protocol and to give information on why we’re at this point now,” said Ken Wight, an employee of OLG Casino.

Some employees state that all questions were answered and that they were answered truthfully, while others state that they still feel as though they have no answers to their questions.

Many have tried to email, call and get in contact with OLG lawyers, but no responses have been made. “Picketers have been sending emails to corporate, to our general manager here, to anybody that we can get a hold of to let them know that we want to go back to the table,” said Wight.

The mayor of Brantford is said to be co-operating with the locked out employees by giving them parking spaces in a business nearby, but is staying neutral in the negotiations.

The public has been supportive of the locked out employees by bringing coffee, donuts and cash donations. The amount of customers has decreased and is expected to drop further in the future if this lock out continues.

Sources say that there are many husband and wife teams that have been locked, and are now struggling to find second jobs to support their families.

Woodbine and Sudbury locations are still locked out as well, and they have heard no responses from OLG.

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