The iPhone 7 Controversy

Fall is setting in, and along with typical school expenditures, students can anticipate unwavering pressure to buy Apple’s latest iPhone. Considered the most anticipated device of 2016, the new iPhone 7, paired with the most advanced technology of our generation, will to bring to the table: sharper images, a smarter SIRI and faster processing times, as seen on

However, if Apple today is anything like it has been for the course of its history, we can also expect marginal improvements in the actual product, unfair warranty policies, and speculations of sourced components made by the tiny hands of Taiwanese children. I’m not usually one to bash consumer culture, but I do often ask myself why people immerse themselves into the Apple lifestyle. If we stop and think about it for a moment, there is nothing you can do on an iPhone that you can’t also do on an Android. However, I do have to hand it to Apple for successfully marketing the shit out of their product for the last six generations of its life.

According to Forbes, Apple has been rather successful in peddling its product on us. Studies show consumers these days are not very compelled by wordy ads throwing arbitrary facts and figures at us. Rather, we are drawn to simple images, calming background colours and easy pictures to look at. An Apple Billboard is easily the epitome of this principle. This is funny because not only do their ads imply our simple minds cannot deal with the strenuous facts we might actually want to know about when buying a phone. They are making money off us while doing it.

Moreover, why do we even need the new model? In an article written by Splash Gear, a look at the iPhone since its ancestral 2G model explains how you are not really getting a bang for your buck. Given the first generation of iPhone wouldn’t be able to boot the most recent IOS operating system, the changes between models are so incremental you could probably get away with holding onto your iPhone for two or three generations before Apple phases it out of existence. Isn’t it funny how our iPhones stop “working” around the same time a newer model comes out?

Finally, if it isn’t already obvious, wireless ear pods are a complete gimmick. When you inevitably do lose one, you’ll probably have to spend $80 or so on a new pair. Rest in peace to the headphone jack. I guess the logic behind this decision is it’s not worth going all the way to Future Shop to pick up a pair of Bluetooth headphones for $30. This is not to say I wouldn’t use an iPhone. I just wouldn’t spend $700 trying to stay on top of the phone chain. But more power to you if you have the money to spend. Happy shopping!

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