The Games Lounge, a much-needed retreat


As reading week comes to a close, the pressure of university is likely to skyrocket as classes resume and bring with them a mass of soon to be due assignments and midterms. 


We’re back in the fray ladies and gentlemen. However, no matter how high the stress gets, students will be keen to know that the Brantford Campus has been keeping them in mind – concocting a wonderful solution to the rising pressures. Introducing the One Market Games Lounge – located on the first floor of One Market – a place for students to find the ultimate de-stressing environment. 


The Games Lounge is a supreme place for in-person fun on campus, decked out with the latest amenities from the new PlayStation 5 console – yes, the one that’s been sold out everywhere – and Nintendo Switches that would make Biggie Smalls blush. 


If students want to go old school, there’s ping pong and pool tables, just make sure to not forget the rackets and cue sticks, oh wait that’s covered too. If it couldn’t get any better, it just did as air hockey skids right into the party. If the competitive scene however ends up causing even more pressures, those woes can subside as there are more relaxed alternatives. 


With a projector and speakers, students can rest easy vibing to some good music or exciting videos, there’s almost something for someone with plenty of seating room as all are welcome. As tough as university gets, it’s good to know that there’s a place where one can keep calm and unshackle the load of academic stress. 


This is also the perfect environment for friendships to blossom and thrive as students can interact with each other in a carefree space with only one objective in mind: having an awesome time. This great initiative can help combat the mental ailments that plague us all from time to time. 


From a subjective standpoint, an applaud must be hailed for this initiative particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic. The online-shift accounted for massive casualties and among them was in-person socialization which is a very crucial part of the university experience for students. 


Particularly first years who might not have gotten a chance to form friendships and social clicks, having been imprisoned behind a zoom screen, COVID-19 sends its regards. The Games Lounge at least offers yet another avenue in which students can reach out and try to connect with their peers as they embellish themselves within Laurier University’s social scene. For this reason, the subjective within fully appreciates and supports this initiative. 


If a suggestion can be made, it would be to include more tabletop games that can encourage more direct socialization amongst students in hopes of stroking the fires of camaraderie within the fun fields of play. 


In the future, the lounge can continue getting better as students are encouraged to give their feedback and suggestions on how to make this lounge better.

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