Thando Bhebhe


Colour photo of a lightbulb on grass. Inside the lightbulb is a sunset sky and an airplane

Photo Contribution by Karen Savoy Anything is possible, believe in yourself, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to, there is nothing stopping, stopping, stopping, STOPPING——–  Lost transmission. Brace for landing, repeat, brace for landing, WE’RE GOING DOWN! Down […]


Night is black, streets are wet, tears stream down in weep. Hands raise, red reflects, warm and cold with guilt, knees crack in stumble. Bowed both body and soul, sky returns gaze, a single blink and its day. Sun sets, […]

Right Place, Right Time

PHOTO BY Corentin LE LEANNEC ON Unsplash He was at the right place, at the right time, and viola, his dreams came true. Some will call it luck, some will call it hard work, others will speak to it as destiny, […]


Photo by Suzanne D. Williams on Unsplash  His name didn’t matter, if he was being honest, nothing mattered anymore. For a long time, he’d always struggled to find the meaning of it all, the pleasure and bliss of being alive. […]

Enter the Metaverse

Facebook loading screen on a phone with the Meta logo at the bottom

PHOTO CONTRIBUTED BY MOLLY SIMPSON / SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY When the pandemic hit, everything changed. It wasn’t just the victims of the virus, the surging of hospitals and the closing of countless businesses.  People’s lives were changed, and the world was […]

Why we shouldn’t “eat the rich”

A man reading Forbes magazine, "Billionare" is on the cover with a man in a suit.

PHOTO BY David Suarez / Unsplash  “Eat the rich” – this line has encompassed the current attitude of the world towards wealthy individuals in the past few years. In the west, a reckoning seems to be erupting as economic disparities have […]

Having an Exam Before Reading Week

A finger tracing words in a book

PHOTO BY SARA SHEIKH / SPUTNIK PHOTOGRAPHY The first weeks of university can be very hectic for students, especially first years. On top of having to be thrown right into the frontlines of university tier education, students have a lot […]