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– Kyle Denton, Sports Editor

There is more to working out than just lifting weights and running on the treadmill. No matter what exercise a person chooses to do, your body has to be prepared to take on any given workout you challenge yourself with. Imagine your body is an engine, and an engine needs fuel. Eating before and after a workout is certainly important but this chapter of the Fit File concerns the importance of hydration. Hydration is one of the essential aspects of not only working out, but preparing for a workout.

This is especially true when a person is taking pre-workout supplements. Often with these supplements a minimum amount of water needs to be taken throughout the course of the day for the supplement to not only work to its fullest, but to also save the individual from any sorts of dizziness or nausea. An example of this can be seen in Muscle Pharms new “Assault” pre-workout supplement is highly effective but suggests that an individual consumes at least 1 US gallon per day for it to work best. A US gallon converts to just over 3.7 litres of water a day which is much more than the average person drinks. The reason they suggest so much water is based on one of the main components found in many supplements, creatine. Creatine is known for its retention of water and if someone doesn’t have enough water in their system for the creatine to retain, it becomes poison to the body. Without enough water in their system a person could also feel dizzy due to the overstress of their muscles when working out at the gym. Hence it is very important when taking pre-workout supplements to consume large amounts of water during the course of the day, especially up to and during your workout.

When inside the gym it is important to keep an eye on your water intake throughout your workout. The golden rule to maintaining a healthy balance when at the gym is that for every pound shed at the gym, you must drink back in water. That way you maintain a healthy balance, not only in the gym, but when you leave the gym as well. Many people don’t take proper replenishment into account and they suffer not only in terms of there health, but in their athletic performance as well. Studies suggest that men should aim to drink 3 litres of water a day, with women shooting for 2.2 litres. But again, it is important to remember that if taking any kind of supplements, or participating in rigorous workouts, one would have to increase their intake of water consumption in order to combat the other variables involved. Remember, much like nutrition, water is a key aspect of total fitness and an element of your bodies health that shouldn’t be ignored.

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