The dead don’t want to be held

Olga Steblyk / Sputnik Photography

In the life of Angelique, nothing was worse than losing the love of her life. Amber was everything to her. In life or death, she would be Angelique’s most precious person.  

Life isn’t meant to be built for people like Angelique to be left alone. So, she did what was most obvious. Amber must be brought back to life. You can understand that, right? I mean, what would you do in her position? All alone, she felt the world crushing her. Every fibre of her being vibrated with discomfort, her body felt heavy, her eyes stung with every blink. Bile kept climbing up her throat at almost all times. Her scalp raw from the times she had tried to rip her hair out.  

That’s when she met someone who told her the secret. A little secret to bring the dead back. A cure for her grief. Like a manic devotee, she performed the twisted ritual to bring her lover back. Her Amber. Hers.  

To have ripped someone from the arms of eternal rest is however a terrible thing to do. I’m sure you can understand, such a thing is taboo for a reason! 

Amber came to. Her body being not what it was. Pain and nerves came right back to her like a moving truck. And believe me, Amber knew what that felt like. But here she was, corporeal and forced right back into a shell to walk around this world again.  

But you see, the dead are never quite right when they come back. This is, of course, no fault of their own and someone like Amber who had transitioned long ago… Let’s just say it’s harder for someone like her to remain so human.  

While for Angelique, nothing was wrong. The disassociation from the plane on life and death made Amber feel like ants were always crawling through her body. When she opened her mouth, the words that came out didn’t sound right. Nothing was right at all. To have been ripped from peace. What a torture!  

Amber’s body began to change. It didn’t rot, however, as days passed, her look began to look like a doll. Her expressions stiff and her voice barely croaked out of her throat. Angelique spent most of her days helping move Amber through life. Sticking close, both due to fear of losing her again and the need to listen closely to the whispers of her lover.  

Amber, however, had moments of small lucidity in her tortured life. She could see the spirits no one else saw who were stuck on this plane just like her. Seeing her plight, they would often be trying to separate her soul from the body. All attempting to help the poor stuck woman. Yet there was nothing the souls could do.  

Amber also could see Angelique living like she, herself. Unattached to the mortal world.  

There was only one solution now. Amber whispered one last request; for them to go to a beach like they used to back in the good old days. Angelique, elated by Amber finally making a request, rushed to prepare the two to enjoy their date.  

When they reached the beach, Amber made one more request. She wanted them to stand in the water. To feel the cold water against their legs. Angelique took Amber out to the water, deeper and deeper, until she felt an iron grip on herself.  

Amber, with the help of her friends, was going to be freed. The waves came over. Muffling any sounds under the water until there was silence.  

The dead don’t want to be held, so let them go. You MUST live on. 

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