A dive into tea

Contributed Photo / CongerdesignA cup of tea in a porcelain cup. Editor’s Note: This article was updated on May 6 to correct a spelling error. Susan Ikpeama, a Toronto local, excitedly showed off her vast tea collections in her cupboard…

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The Great Migration

Olga Steblyk / Lead Photographer It was cold and the grass was wet at the hill’s peak where the portal was to be opened. In the dusk of night, hundreds of people had come together to leave this realm to…

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The labyrinth of life

Bachir Miloudi / Sputnik PhotographyHands in soil. Hands dug out from below the surface. Wiggling their way to the top.  Dig. Dig. Dig. The woman climbed out of her birthplace. Grown from the soils of the earth placed in the…

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The dead don’t want to be held

Olga Steblyk / Sputnik Photography In the life of Angelique, nothing was worse than losing the love of her life. Amber was everything to her. In life or death, she would be Angelique’s most precious person.   Life isn’t meant to…

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New Year

Serena Anagbe / Photo EditorA person taking a picture of the sunrise. The sky is so blue, Filled with message of hope The beginning of me 

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The beginning of our magical journey!

Niyati Pancholi / Sputnik Photography Glitter and pompoms. A woman with long, silver hair walked towards him holding a globe with an eye in it. It was peering straight at the young man. The eye was dark and wouldn’t blink.…

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Family Visit

Karen Savoy / Sputnik Photography Koichi Domo Smith got off the train and looked around the empty station. The vast green emptiness he had witnessed wasn’t bad to look at. The air here was so crisp. It made sense since…

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Serena Anagbe / Photo Editor Death is our beginning,  Life is a ticking star  Fading away  Leading astray  Time won’t change for me Time won’t change for youPlease lead me to theStreet where we were two  One is enough for you One…

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The Unknown

Serena Anagbe / Photo EditorTrees in a forest. My name is Erico and when I was 14, my doctor told me I had trouble with emotional regulation. I was given exercises and some mood stabilizers and eventually, I would say…

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The fall begins

Karen Savoy / Sputnik Photography Trees. The trees have begun changing colour. As Hyuk looks to the sky, the sun beats a little softer now. The flowers turn to fruit and become the gifts of sweetness that fill our tastebuds…

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