Sex 101: A Decade of Sex

I’m writing this for the same reason you started reading it—sex intrigues me. It’s fun, interesting and never fails to stimulate a conversation with friends. I would even go so far as to say I love sex so much I would marry it, but then that would be monogamy and I’m just not ready for that yet.
For this first installment, I thought we’d take a look at some of the big sex stories from the past decade. So put on your seat belts and strap on your happy pants because this could be a bumpy ride.

Erection correction

Although Viagra was officially released in 1998, I felt it still warranted a shout-out because of its success in the past decade. Most of the gentlemen reading this are too young to be in need of this wonder drug, but in 20 years or so you’ll be bowing down to the man who first said “enough is enough” to his erectile dysfunction. This drug was originally created to combat heart conditions but doctors soon realized it had magical powers for the penis. With annual sales of Viagra exceeding $1 billion, we saw an influx of knock-offs like Cialis and Levitra by other companies trying to get in on the erection action. The company that created Viagra, Pfizer, claims that nine of its pills are distributed every second. Now that’s a lot of boners.

Consent for queers

This isn’t an article on the achievements of Canada, but how could I write about sex and sexual freedom without touching on the issue of gay rights? In the past 10 years, Canada has taken major steps towards creating equal living for all individuals. When the Senate passed a bill on July 19, 2005, equal marriage received royal assent the next day, making the bill a bonafide law. Canada became the fourth country in the world to give same-sex couples access to marriage, falling behind only to the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. My suggestion to the queers reading this: start this new decade off with a body shot in memory of all those who struggled so you could become part of the divorce rate all the straight folks keep pushing higher and higher. Oh, monogamy – it’s a beautiful thing.

“Private” porn stars

The technology age is upon us and we have accepted it with open arms – and legs. With the introduction of webcams, camera phones and high tech digital cameras, sexual gratification became as easy as point and shoot. The 00’s saw women and men everywhere gaining easier access to recording technology than ever before, which naturally led to an influx of dirty texts, filthy videos and naughty webcam shows. This trend knew no bounds as it found its way into the lives of celebrities like Paris Hilton, Rihanna and High School Musical’s, Vanessa Hudgens. For these celebs, their lives (and coochies) were exposed for the entire world to see. For the average woman or man who chooses to do this, well, they just have the rest of their lives to wonder when their dirty little secrets are going to resurface on the net. Let’s just hope all your break-ups have been amicable.

The last ten years have been kind to a sex columnist like myself, featuring interesting innovations like online dating and do-it-yourself porn websites like YouPorn. I could go on writing, but even the insatiable have to have some limits. See you next time for even more sexy situations.

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