Get to know your Brant MPP candidates

Dave Levac – Liberal
The incumbent MPP for Brant has held his position since 1999. A major part of the Liberal platform for education is a 30 per cent reduction in tuition. The Ontario Liberal Party has already contributed to Laurier Brantford by securing a large portion of the funding for the new athletic complex. Levac enjoys classic cars and at one time owned a cherry red 1968 Mustang.

Michael St. Amant – Progressive Conservative
A former Laurier professor, St. Amant is aiming to provide tax relief through methods such as income sharing, cutting HST from energy bills and cutting the Eco Tax. Conservatives aim to help students by reducing OSAP interest rates and increasing the amount of money available to middle-class families. St. Amant has worked in a wide variety of economic jobs throughout Canada and Europe and spends free time with his wife and dog.

Brian Van Tilborg – NDP
Like the federal NDPs, Van Tilborg promises change. His platform focuses on economic balance particularly in managing corporate growth and promoting job creation within small and locally owned businesses. Van Tilborg has been riding motorcycles all his life. His favourite bike is a custom built racing bike based on a 1977 Norton frame which he found in a barn several years ago.

Ken Burns – Green
Supports the Green Party platform of long term economic, social, environmental planning. He is personally focused on ending the hyper partisanship in Canadian politics. Burns agrees with a lot of existing government planning but feels that the government need to work faster and follow through on its commitments. In his limited spare time he likes to watch The Big Bang Theory.

Rob Ferguson – Libertarian
The libertarian candidate, he strongly supports the idea of limited government. Practically, this means a large degree of privatization in schools, healthcare and even public services such as Special Constables. Ferguson originally ran for the Family Coalition Party but recently switched parties due to a belief in Libertarianism and some issues with the Family party’s limited views on social freedoms.

Martin Sitko – Independent
A devout Catholic, Sitko’s platform is based on the issue of abortion. Sitko worked as a barber in Brantford before attending Laurier and obtaining a degree in Criminology. Sitko’s primary interest revolves around judicial review which is what drew his focus to the issue of abortion.

John Turmel – Paupers Party
A perennial candidate in Canada, Turmel currently holds the Guinness world record for the most elections lost at 73. Turmel is currently head of the new Paupers party which boasts two candidates. Turmel’s platform revolves around a program of social credit focusing on interest-free provincial bonds, offered in return of labour.

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