Getting to know the Sputnik Editorial Board

“Who is the comedian that you find most hilarious?”
Lin – “Stephen Colbert has a direct line to my funny bone. He’s not just funny; his jokes are sharp and witty and he’s terribly humble when he’s not in character.”

“What is the best performance you’ve ever seen live on stage?”
Katelyn – “My favourite musical performance is easily Hot Hot Heat. I’ve seen them live at least three times! My favourite musical is RENT. I had the chance to see it in New York just before it closed its run.”

“What is a must-have in your wardrobe for going back to school?”
Venetia – “My must-have item for back to school are my Hunter Wellington rain boots because sitting in class with wet UGGS and wet feet is the worst!”

“Who is your favourite athlete turned actor?”
Kyle D – “I wouldn’t say this is my favourite athlete turned actor, but one of the best athletes to portray a character. Lawrence Taylor, hall of fame New York Giants linebacker, had a successful but drug-fueled career. The same goes for the character Shark Lavay that he played in Any Given Sunday. The reason it works is because the character and actor are so similar.”

“What is your favourite book?”
Kristen – “My favourite novel changes depending on my mood and age. In the past, my favourite novel would have been “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky. But right now my favourite fiction novel is “Bitten” by Kelley Armstrong, a fabulous Canadian author from my hometown, Toronto.”

“What inspires you to create artwork?”
Bridget – “Everything around me inspires me to create art. The weather, the people I know, the movies I watch…everything!”

“What is a television show that you’ve seen every episode of?”
Kyle B – “A television show that I have seen every episode of is Curb Your Enthusiasm because I love Larry David’s witty, sarcastic, dark humour and the exaggeration of all the scenarios that play out on the show.”

“What is a movie that makes you cry again and again?”
Jill – “The Notebook. I know it’s the cliché answer, but it’s one of my all-time favourite movies. On top of being one of the BEST love stories (and this is coming from someone who hates romantic anything), it has one of the best casts. Come on, Ryan Gosling? And he’s not wearing a shirt? That’s enough for me!”

“What artists are in your iPod’s ‘most played’ playlist?”
Kiley – “It’s usually a good mix of Elton John, Lil Wayne, and Elvis Presley. There’s also plenty of Adele and Alanis Morissette because I’m a big fan of angry, jilted women. And of course everyone has their guilty pleasure artists. Mine are Backstreet Boys, Phil Collins and Jesse McCartney.”

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