The mustache ride to conquer cancer

The mustache is truly a sign of fine grooming. All men of distinction, from Hal Johnson of Body Break to Alex Trebek of Jeopardy, sport their dusters as a sign of true success. Recently, the mustache, apart from making boys look like men, is now doing its part to combat some of the health issues facing men today.

Movember is a month-long celebration of the mustache that asks males everywhere to change the way we look at men’s health by generating awareness of men’s health issues, raising funds in the areas of prostate cancer and male depression, and encouraging men to think about now they treat health issues.

Movember asks participants to start clean-shaven on November 1 and grow and groom their nose neighbors all month long. Along the way, participants collect donations individually, as a team, or online with all proceeds going to Prostate Cancer Canada.

Midway through the month already, you may have seen some of Laurier Brantford’s growing power with lip hair ranging from the disgustingly ambitious 16-year-old peach fuzz to the glorious Fu Manchu style ‘stache.

The Lip Ticklers, a Movember team consisting of several Laurier Brantford students and staff members, has been hard at work for the last few weeks raising money for the cause. Cameron McGregor, a third year Laurier student and captain of the Lip Ticklers, said he organized a team after registering as an individual because he saw that nobody else at Laurier Brantford had taken the initiative.

“No one had spoken anything about Movember yet when I brought it up so I decided to start my own team and invite people who participated in previous years,” said McGregor, sporting a fairly respectable handlebar mustache.

Greg Miller, a fourth year Laurier student, has a friend who lost his father to cancer and saw an opportunity where he could put his biological abilities to use.

“I’m not a very athletic person, so a walk or a run or a bike wouldn’t really be my thing and I heard about Movember and I thought, ‘hey, why not?’”

Unfortunately, growing a mustache doesn’t seem to be one of his strengths either. Miller, who is currently sporting what he describes as a ‘teen ‘stache,’ offers up a reason as to why his mustache isn’t as full-bodied as his teammates.

“In all fairness, it’s blonde,” said Miller.

McGregor, who started his mustache a week earlier for more impressive results, has big aspirations for next Movember.

“Next year, I would like to call for every Laurier Brantford student, boy or girl, to join my Movember team,” he said. “I would like to be able to have the entire community at Laurier Brantford.”

You can support the Lip Ticklers by donating online here.

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