Youth Trends


Only whites need apply? A new independently funded Texas scholarship offered by a group called the Former Majority Association for Equality is raising controversy by limiting allowed applicants to a certain minority group – Caucasian male students. The scholarship’s founder is a veteran of the Iraq war who had trouble getting a scholarship in the past. He insists that he wasn’t motivated by racist beliefs, but the simple fact is that minority students who are struggling financially are eligible for more scholarships than Caucasian males. On the other hand, minority-focused scholarships were often designed to help historically disadvantaged groups, which don’t often include white males.


What’s in a name? A man with three outstanding warrants for his arrest was stopped by police at a traffic stop, where he gave a false name. He wound up in jail anyway – the alias he chose, Timothy Michael Koop, Jr. was that of another man wanted for a different crime. The police searched “Koop” and found half a gram of methamphetamine in his jacket pocket. After the man finally gave his real name, a charge of issuing a false report to law enforcement was added.


Do they get smiley faces instead of letter grades, too? The University of East London lets students pursue a degree that teaches them how to be happy. The course is titled Positive Psychology and has been running for three years. The goal is to improve overall student happiness and well being through presenting real-life situations and teaching students how to approach them with a positive outlook.


But how did he call 911 afterwards? An Atlanta parking lot attendant’s life was saved by his cell phone. Two unnamed individuals fired at his chest, and the one bullet that hit him was deflected by the cell phone in his chest pocket. The unnamed individuals who fired the shots were arrested a short time later. Police say the parking attendant suffered only minor injuries.

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