So You Think You Know

In the last few editions of “So You Think You Know,” we’ve explored a variety of stories all loosely based on, more or less, the same topic. However, we’re getting away from the goals of this column; news is completely random, not themed, and informed citizens need to embrace that randomness. So, dear reader, here are a few random stories plucked from the recent news cycle. Enjoy!

Pay it forward

What would you do if you found $1500 dollars in an envelope on the street? John Kavanaugh, a homeless man from Pennsylvania, stumbled upon this very dilemma earlier this month… and decided to turn it in to police. The money, which had fallen out of the coat pocket of an attorney, was returned and, in thanks, the grateful attorney gave the homeless man an undisclosed sum of money. Kavanaugh, speaking of the found cash, said, “It could have been someone’s rent money.” And so goes the ebb and flow of life: Jersey Shore destroys our faith in humanity and people like John Kavanaugh restores it.

The natural way

Nobody really likes going to the dentist, but if something like this ever happened to me, I don’t think I would ever go back. A Swedish man accidently swallowed a part of the dentist’s drill during a routine checkup. After the drill bit broke off, neither the dentist or his assistant had time to get it out before the man swallowed it. Following this, he was rushed to hospital for an x-ray where they informed him that it posed no health risk. Doctors said that the drill bit would just come out “the natural way.”

The temperature ain’t the only thing rising

With the rising importance of global warming, many companies are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint. But some have taken it a touch far. A crematorium in Redditch, a town outside of Birmingham in central England, has proposed to use the excess heat from its incinerators to heat the pool located in a nearby recreation complex. The idea – not surprisingly the first of its kind – has been labeled “sick, insulting and insensitive” by Unison, Britain’s second largest trade union. In other news, local occult shops are experiencing record sales, as Redditch is expected to become the epicenter of all pool and hot tub-related paranormal activity in the UK.

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