The invisible actor: How to disappear in Hollywood

It has been deemed the “land of broken dreams,” but for the select few whom we refer to as celebrities these dreams became reality. Big budget films and lavish lifestyles are typical for this town, but how many actors who make it have long, successful careers? Of course, there are the obvious choices like Harrison and Halle—so well known that they no longer need last names. But there is a small group amongst these famous faces who have managed massive success and then blew it big time. Their social blunders made them infamous for their actions and put their careers on the fast track to non-existence. So here is a look at some of the most massive messes in Hollywood and how they killed their careers.


Good ol’ Mel has had many outstanding and memorable roles throughout his career. We saw him fight for freedom as William Wallace in Braveheart and save the day, time and time again, in the Lethal Weapon series as Martin Riggs. But what he has most recently become known for is his infamous role as a wife-beater and Jew-hater. There is nothing worse for your image, as a doting father and loving boyfriend, than having your lady release recordings in which you offer up jewels like “You should just fucking smile and blow me because I deserve it.” Since his downfall into a domestic abuse scandal, Gibson’s been unable to catch a break as an actor and even the guys off The Hangover refused to work with him in the movie’s sequel. Currently, Gibson’s trying to make his comeback with a movie called The Beaver where he wears a hand puppet. Good luck with that, Mel.


When an actor has a few classic movies under his or her belt like Edward Scissorhands¸ Girl Interrupted and Little Women, it is probably not wise to go into one of the most famous and well-guarded stores in North America with sticky fingers. But that is what Ms. Ryder did back in 2001 when she was caught on camera stealing $5,500 worth of clothes and merchandise from Saks Fifth Avenue. She was booked on charges of felony grand theft and possession of pharmaceutical drugs and received three years probation. Ryder blamed the bad decision on her doctor for prescribing her too many pain pills for an injury she sustained, but no one bought that line and her career suffered for it. She has had small parts in some big films like this year’s Black Swan, but her days as a leading lady are over. At least she can head to YouTube and watch her big mistake over and over again. Smile for the camera.


A celebrity’s personal life is important in how they are received by audiences and fans. In 2005, Tom brought the crazy to a whole new level while talking about his new love, Katie Holmes, to Oprah. The “couch incident,” as it is now called, had Cruise bouncing on the cushions and acting like a total madman. Add a combative attitude in interviews and a dash of Scientology, and we have got a recipe for disaster. Since then, he has made a line-up of movies that makes me forget he was once famed for hits like Top Gun and Jerry Maguire. But do not worry; he has got a new Mission: Impossible movie coming out and maybe that will lead to some redemption… right?

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