Sounds good!


Lady Gaga – “Born This Way”

The anticipated and long-awaited single, “Born This Way,” was released last Friday. However, after giving it a spin, I’ve made a huge discovery: Born This Way was actually released 22 years ago under the name of “Express Yourself” by Madonna! Gasp! No, the song isn’t a cover but the similarities are uncanny. Aside from sounding like late-80s Madonna-style, the song is no “Bad Romance,” “Alejandro” or “Telephone.” Gaga sounds different with an upbeat song and I’m sure this will become another club anthem for all her monsters.


Drive-By Truckers – Go-Go Boots

A rich Southern-country sound mixed with a thick alternative ambient feel that creates music as unique as their name. The band is now eight albums deep and has been slotted into a ridiculous genre called “cowpunk.” Every song features a different voice singing some of the most uniquely country vocals of the 21st century. If you love country and feel like going a little harder or love alternative and feel like adding some twang, check this album out.


Bright Eyes – The People’s Keys

In the first two minutes of this album, listeners hear a cryptic yet psychedelic message that aliens have enslaved the human race in the Garden of Eden. The album grabs you from the beginning, holding you with music that sounds like MGMT without the synths. This album is number 10 since releasing their first album back in 1998, and is arguably their best so far. Hipsters and fans need to check out this noise and give it a chance—with every listen, it will continue to grow on you.

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