Celebrity Eating Disorders

Eating disorders can affect anyone, even those who live the high life and have great jobs. Some overcome the illness, while others meet an early end.

Isabelle Caro was a French model who was featured in the 2007 campaign to bring awareness to eating disorders, called “No Anorexia.” The billboards showed a skeletal Caro sitting naked peering over her shoulder.

Caro sought treatment for the disease, saying “When I see myself now, I say, ‘What a horror. I’m trying to get out of it, and I want young women to know that is possible.”

Her battle with anorexia began when she first entered the modelling world at 13, weighing only 59 pounds. Caro weighed only 55 pounds in 2006 when she was 24 years old, her lowest recorded weight. On November 17, 2010 when she passed away from complications related to her eating disorder. The news didn’t become public until December. She was 28.

But not all stories end this way. Candace Cameron Bure, 34, most well-known for playing DJ Tanner on the 90’s sitcom Full House, recently admitted to struggling with Bulimia after filming for the show ended. The actress claims Hollywood wasn’t to blame for the illness, but rather the stresses of moving to Canada and starting a life with her husband, former NHL player Valeri Bure.

“It’s a very dangerous cycle that can just start to consume your life and really take over,” she tells People. “It wasn’t about me trying to lose weight, it was all about emotions.”

Today, Candace stars on ABC’s Make It or Break It, and in December released a book, Reshaping It All,. It outlines her journey through life, her struggles with food, and offers healthy eating choices for women.

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