Sex101: How not to be labeled a slut

A bad reputation is like an STD—it’ll follow you around forever. And the label of “slut” is one that can tarnish the name of even the purest people. Often, the word slut is used specifically toward women, but here at Sex 101, we believe in gender equality. Since I know it’s not just the ladies who are out conquering the sexual world one promiscuous encounter at a time, I’ve decided to provide some tips to help ensure guys’ and girls’ good times aren’t ruined by bad reps. This article is dedicated to all the guys who slept with a girl and on the way out, recognized her roommate as a previous partner, and to the girls who’ve juggled three boyfriends, two jobs and a shitload of scheduling conflicts.

If You’re Playing the Field, Keep it Classy

There’s nothing wrong with dating around. If you’re young and single, dating a few women at a time can help you figure out who’s the best match for you. What you shouldn’t do, however, is date two or three girls who can easily find out about one another. Try to date people from different social circles who have little chance of ever running into one another.

Don’t Share Your “Number”

Regardless if the number of sexual partners you have is one or one hundred, it is in your best interest to not share this information with a potential hook-up. The main reason someone would want to know your number is so they can determine whether you’ve reach slut status. Do you really want to give them the power to brand you? I think not.

Don’t Trash Talk Former Hookups

This is how a bad reputation begins. The second you start saying his dick was small is the second you’re labeled a slut. I am friendly with a few girls who’ve been around the block (and a few hockey teams) but have managed to keep a clean reputation by having generally good relationships with their former flames. Just remember—karma’s a bitch.

Get Checked Regularly

For the love of Christ, get your stuff checked out! If you’re passing around the clap like it’s a party platter on New Year’s Eve, you’re reputation is going to go through the ringer. So if you’re a guy who’s thrown his hot dog down too many hallways, make sure you see your doctor. If not for your future partners’ safety, then at least for the sake of your reputation.

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