Professor Profile: Dr. Thomas Fleming

With a Master’s degree program expected to arrive in September 2011, Criminology is one of Laurier Brantford’s largest and most well known programs.

However, for all that the program has brought to the campus, few students are aware of the inner workings of the ‘Crim’ department itself. A professor who’s been with the criminology department since its early days is Dr. Thomas Fleming.

When Fleming began his work at Laurier Brantford, he already had plenty of teaching experience under his belt. Interested in the study of violent people and figuring out what makes them tick, Fleming has taught at the University of Alberta, Seneca College and the University of Windsor. At the latter, he helped found the Criminology department there.

Fleming’s contributions to his field have been notable. In 1993, he led the world’s first conference on serial mass murder. Throughout his career, he has published a total of ten books in the field of criminology and is now working on his eleventh.

He also provided academic information in the Paul Bernardo case. Finally, in fall of 2003, he arrived at Laurier Brantford.

Fleming used his experience in the University of Windsor’s Criminology department to contribute to the then-tiny Brantford campus. Since coming here, he has been involved with several Criminology fairs and conferences at the growing campus. Today he continues to help with campus growth and is excited about the Master’s criminology program scheduled for installation next fall.

In his spare time, Fleming works on a program to help local police officers, many who retire from the force in their 40s due to the demands of the job. He is working to help officers in this area get a university degree that will help ease their career shifts. He is also working on two criminology studies: one to learn how families of murder victims feel the police treat them and another aimed at figuring out why certain countries such as Canada, England and Australia, have such low crime rates.

Dr. Fleming is enthusiastic about building the Criminology program at Laurier Brantford, both at the undergraduate and master’s level.

“Criminology is a fascinating area of study. There are many careers that evolve from a degree in the program,” says Fleming.

When asked if he had any advice for criminology students, Dr. Fleming replied, “Just enjoy the program and enjoy your classes.”

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