Youth Trends


Yale University’s Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity pledges, as part of their hazing, were forced to walk around campus shouting not-so-subtle rape innuendo. Vancouver’s Online Source reported on October 25 that the boys were saying such obscenities as “no means yes.” Women’s groups on campus unanimously condemned these actions. The pledges and organizers have since apologized.


On the lighter side of student life, the football game between long-time rivals Harvard and Yale ended in tears and laughter. Yale pranksters, dressed entirely in crimson and gold Harvard garb, handed out individual coloured placards to the Harvard cheering section, which included professors and alumni. When they held up their signs, they spelled out “HARVARD SUCKS.” A prank like that is certainly to be admired and possibly emulated… get on it, Laurier!

Just Plain Weird

“Vodka eyeballing” is a strange trend gaining popularity with British university students. If you’re unaware, the “drinker” pours vodka in their eye in order to have it absorbed into the bloodstream and intoxicate them faster. In fact, some people report an instant high immediately afterwards. There are a couple problems with this: a) in the long-term, it can lead to crippling vision problems, and b) in the short-term, it can lead to temporary blindness and, not surprisingly, extreme pain.

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