The true meaning of Movember

In 2003, a group of friends were having a round of drinks in Melbourne, Australia when an innovative, new idea for mustaches came to mind: using them to raise awareness. So while for thousands of years the mustache has served as a fashion style, an attempt at distinction and a statement that says ‘yes, I’ve finally started growing facial hair,’ this would be a totally different purpose.

The idea began as a celebration of the hundreds of styles of mustaches that have existed throughout the years: the pencil-thin, the handlebar, the walrus, and the Fu Manchu (always fashionable). But this celebration of the ‘stache doubled as a way to raise awareness for prostate cancer through a international campaign in November, hence “Movember.”

The rules vary from group to group, place to place, but the general idea is to grow a mustache during the month of November and collect sponsors’ donations along the way. During Movember’s first year, it raised $55,000 – the single largest donation ever given to prostate cancer research. The campaign continued to grow and in 2009, over $47 million was raised in North America and Europe.

Considering its popularity, it comes as no surprise that Movember has caught on at Laurier Brantford. Many are tossing out their razors with glee and choosing their style as we speak.

For first-timers, may we recommend the Chevron – a thick, wide, traditional ‘stache, sported most popularly by Tom Selleck. If you’re feeling bolder, try the horseshoe mustache (see Hulk Hogan for a reference), currently sported by Sputnik editor, Scott Blacklock (Ed: shameless plug, I know). If you’re really up for a challenge, try the imperial – whiskers growing from the upper lip and cheeks, curled at its ends.

If you’d like to get involved, by donating time or money, visit this site to see how you can help out:

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