Gypsy folk rocker performs at Station Coffee House

Lionel Lodge describes his music as “gypsy folk rock” and his look is one to match. With long, scraggly hair and a worn face, it’s easy to sink into the believable storytelling quality of his music.

The musician currently resides in Port Dover but with over 10 CD’s to his credit, Lodge’s music is like a portrait of his life in which listeners can hear him sing about love, drinking and his journeys throughout Europe. The toe-tapping folk style of his music needs to be heard to be truly understood.

On Sunday November 7, Lodge entertained a full house at the Station Coffee House and Gallery with his original song material. He exuded the qualities of a seasoned performer by infusing his show with personal introductions and anecdotes to his songs.

“We were raised by hippies, me and my brother—it’s true. This is another one of my brother’s songs and it mentions all the hippy people talking about the environment and pollution and how now it’s big business,” Lodge says of his song “Red Rodeo.”

The casual atmosphere of the coffee house jived perfectly with Lodge’s eclectic vibe. The painting and art dotting the walls only enhanced the bohemian sound that made use of a variety of instruments like the banjo, mandolin and cello, as well as electric and acoustic guitars.

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