Eat So They Can: Food for thought

Several dozen Laurier Brantford students attended the ‘Eat So They Can’ fundraising dinner, held on Oct 20 at Wellington’s Presbyterian Church. It’s central purpose was to collect money to support orphans in foreign countries, through their five dollar vegetarian meals. The event was organized by the Global Volunteer Network and similar ones take place across every continent. Laurier’s own Alicia Haugh, a fourth year Human Rights and Criminology major, hosted the night.

Throughout May and June of 2009, Haugh volunteered in central Vietnam at several orphanages through the Global Volunteer Network.

During her time there she had a very full schedule. Haugh helped out at an infant orphanage in the mornings and in the afternoons she taught english to a group of vietnamese children who couldn’t afford schooling.

The experience clearly meant a great deal to her, as she states herself.

“Every one of the kids has really affected my life.”

Many different groups made the night possible. Haugh herself, bought all the food for the event and recruited the support of several volunteers from the Human Rights and Human Diversity program. Also, the Presbyterian Church agreed to host the dinner at no charge and many of its members were in attendance.

Fourth year Health Studies student, Erin McLaughlin, describes her view of the event.

“It was just a really important cause. I wanted to be a part of it.”

Even some of Laurier’s faculty came to support Eat So They Can. Dr. Andrew Robinson, coordinator of the Human Rights and Human Diversity Students Association said, “It’s all about students meeting and feeling more at home. They’re building a community and making friends.”

Through the Global Volunteer Network, Eat So They Can is held in several countries across the world. As for Haugh, she plans to return to Vietnam in the summer.

“I’d even like to move there in the future, once I pay off my student loans.”

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