Music Therapy

Laurier students with a love of music and a craving to perform were invited to Therapy Lounge last Wednesday October 20, to participate in “Music Therapy”: an open-mic event that creator and second-year student, Alex Maich, described as, “Karaoke, but with live music.”

The event, from 8:00-12:00PM, featured various songs from multiple genres. While one performer took to the mic with her rendition of “The Only Exception” by Paramore (a Top 40 hit and undeniably the most recognizable tune that night), others sung more rock and punk singles like, “Basket Case” and “Brain Stew” by Green Day, and “Alive” by Pearl Jam. Maich himself received quite a few requests and was glued to his guitar nearly the entire night. There was even some rapping earlier on as the crowd was just starting to grow in size.

“It was really nice to hear so many people with completely different musical backgrounds coming out and sharing their voices,” Maich says.

“It didn’t matter what you played. Some people were singing Miley Cyrus, while others sang Lynyrd Skynyrd. It did not matter how good you were; everyone was just so supportive.”

The key goal of the night was to have anyone get on stage and perform; not just those people who consider themselves “musicians.”

The feeling of respect and support from the audience was palpable and it made those who were not as comfortable singing in front of a crowd a little more at ease.

Tammy Donoghue, owner of Therapy Lounge, was pleased with the event and excited to see so many people coming together to perform and have fun.

“Music Therapy is all about chilling out, singing or playing music – like you were jamming out in your friend’s basement,” she says. “I think we achieved that Wednesday night. Next Wednesday is going to be a lot of fun; new songs, great people, same chill atmosphere.”

For its first night, Music Therapy had a solid audience of people coming together to share in something that is inclusive to everyone, no matter what their experience, taste or comfort level may be.

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