Murdoch Mysteries films in Brantford

Petticoats, top hats and horse-drawn carriages lined the streets of Brantford on September 20 as the Canadian television show Murdoch Mysteries arrived in town. This is not the first time the Citytv show has used our city’s beautiful backdrop to set the scene for its 19 century detective show.

“We’ve been here before so the place becomes familiar. The architecture of small towns like this is perfect for the 1890’s setting of the show” says Seymon Wen, production assistance.

The work began early as new signage and wooden shutters transformed the usual H&R Block into “Barnard’s Books” circa 1890’s Toronto.

Onlookers and those passing by stopped to listen to the director demand “quiet on the set” and take pictures, but the best seat in the house goes to students living in Post House Residence who needed only to look out their window to view the Hollywood-esque action.

Wen was slim on detailing when the show will return to the downtown core. “We spend about two of the five days we film moving around on location to places like this so I’m sure we’ll be back sometime soon.”

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