Last dance scheduled for Ford Plant

There will be no more dancing on the corner of King and Colborne.

The Ford Plant, an all-ages not-for-profit music venue, hosts its last show on October 23 after eight years at 1 King St. The small venue, which holds around 100, was known not only for the bands playing inside, but also for the influence its had on the community outside. Shows often led to people dancing in the streets, says Tim Ford, one of the club’s founding members.

Ford says the decision was made a few months ago. On September 13, it was announced on Facebook.

“It finally felt right to [close],” he explains. “We never wanted to be forced to close. We wanted to do it on our own terms.”

Ford said the recent demolition of the south side of Colborne Street opposite the club was not one of the main factors in the decision, but it did play a role. Demolition has led to less people coming downtown.

“It’s the worst time for us,” says Scott Willson, who also helps run the venue. As Ford explains, “We always felt like this part of downtown was ours.”

For now, it still is. The final shows are scheduled for October 22 and 23, and serve as both reunions and farewells. Ohbijou, Henri Fabierg, the Adorables and Winnipeg’s Rah Rah will play. That night will also see the reunion of local talent Dead Love Triangles. The reunions continue the next night with Zefangus, The Bicycles and The Sourkeys. Ford’s former band, the Vermicious Knid, will also perform, as will the current band he and Willson belong to, Racoon Wedding. Tickets are $15 for the October 22 show and $10 for October 23.Tickets can be purchased at Sunrise Records in the Lynden Park Mall or at The Mixdown, the record store currently housed in the Ford Plant.

At least one show is booked between now and October 22. The Golden Dogs, Maylee Todd and two local bands will take the stage on October 8.

Both Ford and Willson hope the Ford Plant’s closure will encourage others to create.

“We’re confident that someone else will stand up and do something,” Ford says.

So even in the end, there may be more dances yet.

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