New campus diversity space opens for September

Laurier Brantford is has officially introduced its first “diversity space” to students. Located in the Carnegie Building in room 106, the space promises to be a unique addition to the campus.

“A diversity space can take a lot of different forms,” says Student Affairs Coordinator, Ross Fraser. “In this case, we’re referring to an office that’s considered a ‘safe space’ on campus, with no assumptions, where students, staff and faculty can visit and feel comfortable and welcome.”
The space is the brainchild of the Diversity Steering Committee, a group created in Brantford last year and comprised of students, staff and faculty. The goal of this committee is to address concerns related to diversity themes on campus.

“One of the major concerns was a lack of visible space on campus where diversity-focused groups could develop their community, peer support, and programming,” says Fraser,
However, because of space limitations, the room may be frequently occupied by student groups holding meetings. Fraser says that despite this, students should still feel free to visit the space during their time on campus and use it as a lounge.

“The entire purpose of the space is to be an open, welcoming area that students can feel comfortable in,” says Fraser. “A space where students can go to connect with peers and just hang out.”

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