New MA Programs for LB

Big changes are in the works for this campus, as both the Criminology and Journalism departments have prepared proposals for graduate studies programs at Laurier Brantford.
While the Criminology department has already submitted in an application to the Ontario Council of Graduate Studies (OCGS), the Journalism department plans on applying in October.

Adding Master’s degree programs to these departments will not only have big impacts on the designated area of study, but also on the school as a whole.

“This could be an opportunity for more library resources and a more intellectually grounded setting,” says Sue Ferguson, program coordinator for Laurier’s Journalism department.
Dr. Lauren Eisler, Criminology program coordinator, shares the same sentiment.

“The presence of a graduate program on the Laurier Brantford campus will enhance our reputation in the areas of research and teaching, and bring a greater awareness to what Laurier Brantford has to offer,” says Dr. Eisler.

The Criminology graduate program is two years in length and focuses on three fields of specialization: International Crime and Justice looks at the issues of current global importance including armed conflicts and military justice, terrorism cyber crime, charter issues and more; Media Criminology prepares experts in the critical analysis of the intersection between media and the criminal justice system; lastly, Culture, Crime and Policy focuses on the connection between the three and includes the study of victimization, youth crime, the psychology of crime and more.

As for the Journalism department, students in its proposed graduate studies program will focus on investigative reporting. Ferguson says the program is to “marry the practical and theoretical sides of journalism to create more competent and credible journalists.” A unique feature to this program is that it is not restricted to Journalism majors; students with degrees from any university undergraduate program can apply.

The Journalism graduate program is still in its early stages, but the goal is for the program to begin in Fall 2011 simultaneously with the Criminology program. The Criminology department is accepting applications for the program this fall and, assuming approval from OCGS, will begin in September 2011.

For more information on the Criminology graduate program, please visit All information is located in the Criminology section under the header “Master of Arts in Criminology.”

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