Campus hot spots

Frankie’s is a great local bar over in the North End, in a strip plaza, on Brantwood Park Road. Friday night is an awesome night to go because of their karaoke. It’s always really busy and can be a lot of fun. So if you’re looking for somewhere away from the downtown core, or maybe know a friend who lives off-campus around the area, check Frankie’s out!
Emily Zrinscak, 3rd year Con-Ed

If I’m gonna go somewhere to kick back it’s gonna be the Piston Broke in Harmony Square. They have decently priced drinks and awesome food. The atmosphere is great and it is the best place to have a few beers and chill with friends after a day of lectures.
Joel Wittnebel, 4th year Journalism

One of my favourite places for a girl’s night out is definitely Brando’s. They have great specials, awesome music and really yummy deep fried pickles. It’s a small setting but there’s still plenty of room to get your groove on and they’ve got a great island theme.
Holly Kaiser, 4th year Con-Ed

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