Top 10 Green ideas for this summer

Saving the world might seem like a daunting mission, but environmental responsibility often starts small. Here are some practical and easy ideas you can put into action this summer:

1. Plant a garden
Not only does this save you from having to go buy veggies and herbs, it also helps the environment (stay pesticide-free!) And it’s always good to have more oxygen-producers around.

2. Do your own composting
Instead of throwing out rotten fruit and veggies, toss them in a homemade composter. Once composted, the soil can be used in gardens or flower beds to provide nutrients.

3. Shop locally
Buying your fruits, veggies and meats from local farmers’ markets helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by importing goods. Also, supermarkets tend to be more expensive.

4. Ride your bike or walk
Save money on transportation, help preserve the environment and help combat the inevitable added poundage from all those summer BBQ’s.

5. Carpool or take the bus.
Whether it’s work or the beach, we’re all headed somewhere. Help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases being released into our air by traveling with others.

6. Dry laundry outside
String up a clothesline and take advantage of the warm weather. This saves money on hydro, too.

7. Use less air conditioning
Instead of jacking up the cold air and racking up your bill, leave the windows open at night, and have a cool shower during the day.

8. Use reusable bags
Compared to plastic bags, reusable bags hold their weight – up to 12 lbs. of groceries per bag to be exact, making them more useful than you may think.

9. Use energy efficient light bulbs
These light bulbs may be a bit more expensive, but they last 10 times longer than regular light bulbs, and release a softer, brighter light, making the initial expense worth it in the end.

10. Stay clean with the color green
This summer, try cleaning with green cleaning products. They use all natural ingredients that clean as well as chemically-based products, but without the smell and the harshness.

So go ahead and plant these ideas in your minds now. By the time a much-deserved, much-appreciated summer rolls around, they will have blossomed into great and environmentally friendly practices.

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