Reinvented Pallett to play Ford Plant

Formerly known as Final Fantasy, the Toronto-based Pallett is currently promoting his latest album, Heartland, with a tour that’s taking him from Dallas to Amsterdam to, yes, even Brantford.

And I can tell you right now, it’s going to be a fucking amazing show.

How can I be so sure? For one, his latest album, Heartland, is expected to top a number of “Best Of” lists with overwhelmingly positive reviews from Slant Magazine, PopMatters and the difficult-to-please-because-they’re-so-elitist, Pitchfork.
But there’s good reason for all the hype. The album is ambitious, it’s grander than any of his previous albums, and it’s more than just a little strange. The album has a storyline with each song serving as a monologue from “Lewis,” an “ultra-violent farmer” in a world called Spectrum. Heartland chronicles Lewis’ struggles to come to terms with his creator, Owen Pallett.

Sure, it’s bizarre, but it’s also completely intriguing. With each song, Pallett treats his listeners to a multi-layered and complex storyline that alternates from loud, frenzied strings to hushed and chilling quiet. Just listening to it will make you feel flushed with power as you belt out lines like, “I’m never gonna give it to you,” or my favourite, “Pathos is born, born out of bullshit in formal attire.”

And to top it off, Pallett could very well convince anyone that a whole damn band is backing him up with their instruments, while his work is actually an entirely solo effort – just a man, his violin and a loop pedal.

Fans, and new converts, can look forward to seeing this one-man show when Pallett stops by at the Ford Plant on February 26th.

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