Summer blockbusters yet to come

With the summer movie season almost half completed, we turn our attention to July and August, where there are many more films that we just cannot wait to see. However, the big movies do all seem to be remakes, superhero flicks, or sequels. And as excited as I am for these movies, that is a disappointing and tiresome fact.

Michael Bay’s “Transformers: Age of Extinction.” This series has seen it all: raving reviews, mass hatred, and even cat fights between director and cast. Yet here it is again, and although I only really appreciated the 3rd film, I am really looking forward to this one. Plus, it has one of my favourites, Marky Mark, and he is the perfect guy for a movie that revolves around action with slapstick and nonsense in the background.

Canada Day weekend brings us the newest from the hilarious Melissa McCarthy, in “Tammy.” And while I will most likely see this movie, I can’t help but think that this is the third time she has played a tough robber/thief/crook/cop (yes I did combine cop with robber), and I think she should have stopped at two. Either way, the trailer still looks very funny.

Likely the best film to come is “Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes” on July 11. The sequel to the James Franco-led “Rise”, this one picks up a couple years in the future, where the monkeys are now starting to outnumber the humans, and the film shows the process that leads them to eventually controlling the planet. Or at least I think that’s what will happen. The first one was amazing, and you should expect the same this time around.

Forgive me for skipping over “Hercules”, although I do love The Rock, and would be pleasantly surprised if that movie ends up being any good. That same weekend, we get a rare original film this summer, “Lucy”, starring Scarlett Johansson as a warrior evolved past human capabilities who is seeking vengeance. It looks sharp and dynamic, and is boosted by the presence of Morgan Freeman. This movie should be a hit.

August brings us the nerd movies. The movies everybody kind of really wants to see but nobody is sure if they will be any good. The first one is Marvel’s “Gaurdian’s of the Galaxy”, and although we probably do not need another movie about superhero’s that none of us really know, I am all in. This movie looks funny, enjoyable, and it does not seem to take itself too seriously. There will be no dark, self-reflecting message found here, but just a good time. And the CGI and action scenes don’t look too bad either.

Next in the nerd segment is the movie I have been waiting all summer for – “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” Yes, I know that it kind of looks sketchy and could be really bad. But it could also be amazing. Finally a Turtle’s movie with a big budget and people who know how to make huge, larger-than-life movies. That is what I think we will get here – an engaging, visually stunning laugh-fest. So who care’s that the guy playing Shredder isn’t Asian? Well besides me of course, but I am willing to let that go, and I will definitely be at the theatre on August 8 to watch this movie.

The summer ends with a couple films that are geared to their very specific fan bases. “The Expendables 3” should be just as good as the first two, and that means you will either think it is stupidly-amazing fun, or a complete waste of time. And “Sin City: A Dame to Kill For” give’s fans of the comic and first film their long overdue second helping. Look for it to provide more of the same dark, cryptic, imaginative story-telling and beautiful yet gruesome visuals.

I hope that wet your appetite for a summer spent at the theatre. Sure, this summer will be known for its complete lack of originality, but if in the end we have a blast and enjoy the films, than I think we can all overlook that. At least until next summer.

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