Student Spotlight: Alexandra Ogunsanya

Alexandra Ogunsanya is a fourth year Law and Society student from Brampton, Ontario. She graduated in 2018 from St. Thomas Aquinas and has since turned herself into a self-proclaimed entrepreneur.


“Technically my business is myself, I’m a nail tech,” said Ogunsanya.


Ogunsanya started practicing her skills in Dec. 2019 and began doing others’ nails in June of 2020. Ogunsanya says that she had a few inspirations that encouraged her to start being a nail tech. 


“We put a lot of money into the beauty industry and I feel as if the money never stays within the community, and I mean the black community, so I just wanted to make sure we fill up space,” said Ogunsanya.  


Ogunsanya uses her business as a platform for African Americans in the beauty industry and after countless times of being disappointed by nail salons, she realized: “hey! I can do this myself”.


The most crucial thing to Ogunsanya throughout her journey is making sure she never stays static in her business. 


“When my page is lacking, in terms of me posting, I am making sure I am still practicing at home,” she said. 


“I like the idea of being able to furthermore myself while still excelling at the same time,” 


In addition, Ogunsanya finds importance in making those who have always supported her proud. 


Ogunsanya draws inspiration from anything that is out of the ordinary, and draws inspiration from her African American culture. She considers her work to be “Black Alternative Nail Style” which to Ogunsanya gives “baddie vibes with a little indie”.


To Ogunsanya success is, “when I am comfortable and happy like day to day where there is always going to be problems but in terms like, I am so happy in my life that I don’t have to panic to solve my problems, and I already know what to do and how to handle it.”


Failure is also a part of success for Ogunsanya. She emphasizes the importance of failing in order to be able to succeed and grow. Hard work and not giving up are the two ingredients Ogunsanya finds important when beginning such a journey. 


“I feel like the only time you lose is when you give up.”


What keeps Ogunsanya focussed is having nail videos all in her face, whether it is for 10 minutes or two hours, Ogunsanya finds seeing her work and others work in front of her keeps her motivated and working. 


“When I do someone’s nails I always feel like there is a spiritual aspect to it, like after the filing is done I see the transformation in their face and their entire mannerism changes…I love that transformation of them feeling themselves” said Ogunsanya


Ogunsanya advertises her business by making friends and connections. 


To get a look at Ogunsanya talent or even go get your nails done yourself, you can follow her at @Itsnairanails on Instagram.


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