Star Wars: the force is just meh


Spoiler Alert! Although if you haven’t seen The Force Awakens yet we have to question if you know what Star Wars is anyway.


Star Wars is meh. And that’s coming from a pretty big fan. Seriously, it’s one of two good sci-fi universes out there. The other being Warhammer 40,000 – Star Trek is lame. The action scenes were very good, and that’s it – even the action scene where they had a bombing run, and used no actual bombers. Seriously, no Y-wings for the bombing run. There are numerous small errors throughout the movie, which makes one think, “Did anybody actually edit this script” or “What the heck happened to the poison gas filling the ship? They never turned it off.” Even if you can ignore the many glaring flaws, it is hard to get past the over-powered, I-can-do-anything “strong woman” archetype. She is terribly written, although her acting is fine. The reason people liked Luke was because he was a good guy, but he could not do anything. It took him a movie and a half to use the force to pull a lightsaber out of some snow. The female lead in The Force Awakens did it in half of the movie, even with the big “edge-lord-of-a-Darth-Vader-replacement” pulling it with his force powers.


It’s like if Harry Potter beat the crap out of Voldemort in the first movie. I get the need for a “strong empowered woman” character and the demand for one, but make her actually struggle and progress as the film goes along. I will say that the main male lead named “Fin” was actually very well done. I liked him and he might actually balance the scales. The new droid was pretty cool I guess. It follows the tried and true “make-a-thing-that’s-not-a-dog-act-like-a-dog” Disney formula very well. On the topic of characters, the Sith lord has very big ears. Without his mask on he is quite hard to take seriously. I also wonder how he keeps his flow under that hood. The wonders of the Dark Side.


Overall, the movie is about a 6 out of 10. Only go watch it if you got a coupon for Christmas or really want to take your significant other out because you’re sick of “Netflix and Chill”.


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