About a week ago I found myself scrolling through my Twitter feed, and fell upon: #ShoutYourAbortion. The basis of this hashtag is that women should be proud of having abortions. That is, making the so-called “brave” life choice of having one. To be honest I was shocked, not really upset or angry. Just shocked. It is one thing to argue that abortion is a necessary evil and that women should be allowed to have it legally under trained medical professionals, but is it quite another movement entirely to remove the stigma of abortions. To try to force society to view abortions as a positive concept, by ripping that stigma off like a Band-Aid is not the same. It is not a slow process and always comprises of useless awareness campaigns. At least they are right to the point and brazen about it. But having any group of people support the idea of abortion as an extreme positive, is a sign of the sickness of that society. Abortion is at best, as I mentioned earlier, a necessary evil, it should never be celebrated or treated as an achievement worthy of any praise.


If an individual is at the point where they need or want an abortion, they have made a mistake. They have had sex before they were ready, they didn’t use any protection, or enough protection. There is always the chance of pregnancy if somebody engages in premarital affairs and they need to be ready for the consequences of those actions. Society should not celebrate mistakes, it is not empowering. Abortion is to a great deal of people, evil. To those I have talked to who are pro-choice, they always recognize the weight of that action even if they are in favor of it and legally support it. It is not an accomplishment to be forced into that life choice, and is always better to be avoided. It is a safety net that should never be touched, a desperate last resort for people in need. As pointed out by the Journal of Psychiatric Research, there are many negative physiological and physical effects on the body from an abortion, separate from the moral implications. It is never to be talked or used frivolously as a result of the negative physical, psychological side effects.

Yet that is exactly what these hashtag activists are doing, which by the way, are intolerable. If you have any friends insisting on being called that, you should insist on no-longer being friends. Hang out with anybody else instead. I am sure there are a few puppies that could use some attention.

Now I do realize I am a little bit out of fashion. I mean, the progressive smug machine of BuzzFeed, Gawker and the Huffington Post churn out new radical ideologies every hour, which everyone is forced to wear each week like a fashion show. Except the fashion show is stupid ideas, hashtags and Facebook profile photos, which people get fired for not wearing. But I digress. We started with abortion being outlawed, and “now we here,” I believe the line goes.

People still have the audacity to tell me that the slippery slope is a fallacy. BF 299, the class where we learned that the slippery slope is a fallacy, has apparently wrongfully taught me. BF 299 professors have some explaining to do and Laurier has some refunds to give.


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