Say It

Olga Steblyk / Sputnik Photography
An empty room.

I loved them  
From the time they said “hi” 
But they never loved me back  
I thought it would be okay 
Cause eventually they would love me  
See me  
Hear me  
But reality hits  
I am Queen of Sorrow, Queen of Pain  
Queen of never returned love  
The one that finds the ones that are done, finished and through 
The ones that love me and leave me  
I would metaphorically crawl on my hands and knees for them  
Because I can’t survive without them  
I am wishing for the clock to go back 
Take me back to the past  
Cause I’d do anything, change everything, be anyone 
Just for someone to last  
For someone to love me  
Cause I know, I know I’m hard to love 
I am not perfect or beautiful like the girls in magazines  
I am not the healthy one  
I am like tar that sticks to your lungs and suffocates you 
I need them more than air 
All I want and nothing more  
Is someone to love me 
Like how I love them 

This poem was originally published in print Volume 23, Issue 2 on Thursday, Oct. 5.

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