Rashad Evans helps Vitor Belfort prepare for his fight in Toronto

After the UFC 151 fiasco finally ended, Jon Jones and Vitor Belfort were left for UFC 152 in Toronto. It’s a solid and exciting fight that represents how far the UFC has come. The fight is also the classic young lion vs. old lion duel, which should be an exciting treat for fans across the world.

Vitor Belfort was training for a bout against Alan Belcher at UFC 153 when he received the call to fight Jones on short notice. Belfort has been with the UFC for a long time and is well trusted by the company and by UFC president Dana White.

Despite taking this fight with Jones on short notice, Belfort has one big advantage in his training camp. Belfort is training with the Blackzilians in Florida, and he’s made former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans his coach for the upcoming fight.

This was a very smart move by Belfort, for a few reasons. Evans has championship experience, as evident by him being both the former champ, as well as a recent title challenger at UFC 145. Rashad’s experience with Jones will also help Belfort.

Before the nasty feud got going between them, Jones and Evans were friends and training partners at Greg Jackson’s gym. Evans is also the only man to spend a full five rounds with Jones in an official championship fight. That experience is valuable and will go a long way to help Belfort.

Belfort has as good a chance as any in this fight. He has given himself the best chance possible by bringing in Evans as his training partner and coach. Evans will be a valuable asset in Belfort’s corner because he knows the strengths and weaknesses of Jones. Belfort has the skills to defeat Jones, if he fights a smart fight. He needs to keep the pressure on Jones with his striking, while at the same time avoiding the offensive wrestling and striking of his opponent.

A big thing to watch out for is being taken down by the champion. If Belfort can remain on his feet, he has a solid chance of catching and hurting the champ, before going for a technical knockout finish.

Most importantly, Belfort needs to listen to Rashad Evans in his corner. Evans will help him dictate the pace of the fight, and shout out any pointers Belfort can use to get a leg up. He brought Rashad in as his coach for a reason, after all.

Belfort has a solid chance of winning this fight. Everyone is underestimating him, and that is never a wise thing to do. Belfort will rush Jones and keep the pressure on with his striking. He has all the skills to dethrone Jones, as well as Rashad Evans in his corner. Many men have tried to dethrone Jones in the past though none have succeeded.  If anyone has a chance at defeating the champ, it’s Belfort.

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